“Medios indígenas” (“Indigenous Media”) advances in a multimodal anthropology methodological proposal that combines: 1) Research in collaboration and interaction with indigenous people. 2) Dissemination of the value and relevance of the media produced by indigenous people. 3) Creation of a medium (this website) orientated towards communications, research and their dissemination.

Collaborative, interactive social research, focussed on disseminating the value and relevance of indigenous media. A map that displays the wealth of indigenous media created in collaboration with indigenous collectives.

The map of indigenous media is constructed and updated from research projects developed by the “Indigenous Media” team with contributions from communities, associations, NGOs and indigenous projects that get in contact with us, through this website itself.
From each map point a file emerges, divided into two parts. The first part contains a list of the media. The second gives a brief presentation of the group, association or organisation to which the file corresponds.